Programme overview 2018

The current programme covers eight different parameter groups:

Dispatch dates 2018

Major Ions Metals VOC (VHH) BTEX and MTBE
N140: 06.02.2018
N141: 05.03.2018
N142: 04.06.2018
N143: 03.09.2018
N144: 05.11.2018
M140: 06.02.2018
M141: 05.03.2018
M142: 04.06.2018
M143: 03.09.2018
M144: 05.11.2018
C58: 12.02.2018
C59: 05.06.2018
CB05: 08.10.2018

CB05: 08.10.2018

Herbicides and Pesticides PAH Hydrocarbon Oil Index and Phenol Index Pharmaceuticals, Industrial chemicals, Artificial sweeteners
H100: 27.02.2018
H101: 12.06.2018
H102: 16.10.2018

PM02: 11.09.2018
P19: 17.04.2018
SP03: 15.05.2018
AZ5: 20.03.2018

You can freely choose, in which PT rounds you would like to participate and how many parameters you are going to determine.
Please have a look at our current price list.

Information for 2018

  • Interlaboratory comparisons with natural samples (ground and/or surface water, partly spiked) will be on offer covering all parameters. This service is made possible by the cooperation between IFA-Tulln and the Umweltbundesamt GmbH's accredited testing laboratory for environmental, GMO & fuel analysis.
  • In order to facilitate calculation of the target values with statistical relevance for interlaboratory comparisons with natural water, a minimum number of 15 participants is necessary. Otherwise, we reserve the right to refuse the realisation of the concerning round.
  • In round N140 (major ions) the Umweltbundesamt GmbH will provide Ntot and pH as additional parameters.
  • In round N141 (major ions) we will provide silicon and fluoride as additional parameters.
  • In round N142 and N144 (major ions) we will provide KMnO4-Index as an additional parameter.
  • In round N143 (major ions) we will provide cyanide as an additional parameter.
  • In round M142 (metals and trace elements) antimony, barium, cerium, cobalt, lithium, molybdenum, silver, tin and vanadium will be included.
  • In round CB05 we offer the combination of the parameter groups VOC and BTEX&MTBE in the same interlaboratory comparison. The extent of participation is selectable (VOC, BTEX&MTBE or both). Evaluation of the round will be carried out in a joint report.
  • New: In SP03 (sum parameters) we offer the combination of hydrocarbon oil index and phenol index.
    It is also possible to select only the hydrocarbon oil index. Evaluation of the round will be carried out in a joint report.
  • New: Round AZ5 (Pharmaceuticals, Industrial Chemicals and Artificial Sweeteners) has been enlarged with the parameters 4-Acetylaminoantipyrine, Amidotrizoic acid, Atenolol, Bisoprolol, 10,11-Dihydro-10,11-Dihydroxycarbamazepine, 4-Formylaminoantipyrine and Iopamidol.
  • z-Score-criteria will be recalculated on the basis of all IFA-Test Systems interlaboratory comparisons organised between 2007 and 2017 by the end of the year.

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